EVGA TORQ X10 Gaming Mouse Review

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Gamers drive high-end computing: if you don’t think so, consider the renaissance of (expensive) mechanical keyboards in the last couple of years. Of course gaming mice have been common for a while, and EVGA has just thrown their hat into this very competitive ring with the EVGA TORQ X10 mouse. Boasting a fully ambidextrous design, 9 programmable buttons, an 8200-DPI laser sensor, solid metal base, and a dramatic style, the TORQ X10 mouse also comes in at a very competitive price, especially if you pre-order it. Benchmark Reviews connects this new mouse to our gaming machine to investigate how well it works in this article.

Mice, like keyboards, are very personal things. A mouse that some people like, others will hate; it could be size, or the way the mouse feels. Wireless mice seem to be the norm these days, but many gamers prefer the perceived superior responsiveness and reliability of a corded mouse, and the X10 is corded.


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