EZCast Debuts New Wireless Display Devices at COMPUTEX 2024

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EZCast, a leading innovator of wireless display technologies and professional manufacturer of wireless display products, has announced a range of innovative new wireless display devices showcased at COMPUTEX 2024. The exhibition will include its new 1-to-many wireless display, Portrait Mode vertical screen technology that’s ideal for social shorts, and the Ultra U2 4K wireless display with Wi-Fi 6 connectivity.

  • Date: June 4th to 7th, 2024
  • Location: Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2
  • Booth: P0723

Register a visit: https://www.ezcast.com/exhibition


EZCast debuts 1-to-many wireless display devices

EZCast will exhibit a range of models, such as a 1-to-2 Mini Pocket, 1-to-2 high power Pocket Prime, and a 1-to-4 version of EZCast Omni Tetra.

Mini Pocket 1-to-2 wireless display, featuring USB-C 60W fast charging, is the perfect solution for teaching sessions, and home entertainment setups. Pocket Prime 1-to-2 provides high power for meeting rooms and small performance venues.

For larger public event spaces like concert halls, theaters, and exhibition rooms, EZCast Omni Tetra 1-to-4 version stands out as the ultimate solution, delivering unparalleled performance and reliability.

EZCast Portrait Mode: vertical screen technology for social shorts

In response to the popularity of social short videos shot vertically, such as YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and TikTok, EZCast has introduced a Portrait Mode function that enables direct streaming short videos from a source device to be displayed full screen vertically on a large display, such as monitor or projector. EZCast provides the new Portrait Mode on point-to-point one-to-one (1T1R) or one-to-two (1T2R) products, such as Mini Pocket, Pocket, Pocket Prime and more.

EZCast Ultra U2: 4K wireless display with Wi-Fi 6

Building on the cutting-edge technology incorporated into the Ultra U1, the new Ultra U2 4K wireless display has now upgraded to Wi-Fi 6, which gives it faster transmission speed and the latest connectivity features to reliably stream 4K Ultra HD content playback.

In addition, a new P2P mode incorporates both Airplay (iOS/macOS) and Miracast (Windows/Android), enabling display on a large TV without requiring an internet connection. This offers added convenience and ease of use.

EZCast takes advantage of DisplayPass, a software-defined display transmission protocol that works with software applications to enable wireless display via Wi-Fi and long-distance display through an Ethernet network.

To book a visit with EZCast at Computex 2024, please register at: https://www.ezcast.com/exhibition

About EZCast

EZCast, a professional wireless display technology innovator, and product designer with global reach, creates a diverse range of wireless display accessories, Wi-Fi display dongles, and Wi-Fi presentation systems. It prides itself on providing customers with convenient and effective wireless display solutions, which have been through comprehensive testing and packed to excellent quality standards. EZCast offers a wide range of branded products featuring its unique technology portfolio in global markets. It also offers OEM and ODM production services for companies that require unique solutions to meet specific market needs or design goals.

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