OCZ RevoDrive 350 PCIe SSD Review

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A lot has happened to OCZ and the NAND flash storage market as a whole last year, but for OCZ the sun is shining bright in the morning again, slowly starting to set with some new product. Hey everybody and welcome to another extensive review. Today we put the OCZ RevoDrive 350 to the test, a PCI Express based SSD that is going to knock you of your feet as it is incredibly fast. Let me just quickly throw some numbers at you that will get a smile on your face, so how do 1,700 ~ 1,800 MB/s maximum read and write performance sound? Yes Sir, that’s the kind of performance OCZ offers to the performance aficionados in the year 2014, and exciting it surely is.

The world of Solid State storage technology is full of surprises and the development rate is exceedingly progressive. Last year it however turned from a growth market towards a steady market where only the big players have a real saying. Names like Micron (Crucial), Samsung, Intel and Toshiba (OCZ) will be the brands to keep an eye on. The development rate however has been going so fast that current component technology cannot keep up with the pace. The transition to SATA 3 (6G) was huge, but the minute SATA 3 was released (offering 6 Gbps transfers) these controllers already started reaching their maximum bandwidth with the latest generation SSDs. Starting with Z97 you’ll be seeing a lot of M2 products, basically offering a 10 Gbps link directly from your chipset (PCIe) and later on in the year 10 Gbps Sata Express will become a thing of discussion.


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