Plextor M6S SSD review

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The NAND flash storage solutions market is tough. Basically all manufacturers have placed products on the market that are SATA3 compatible. And with that interface reaching its limits, many of these manufacturers run into that very same limitation making all these guys perform really close to each other. For the consumer that is great as your main focus does not have to be the SSD performance that much anymore. No you focus should be reliability, endurance and obviously price. So, with the arrival of new 20nm NAND Flash based M6S SSDs, this series is aimed at high-end class consumers. The new M6S SSDs debut in storage capacities of 128, 256 and 512 GB. The series will be based on a Marvell 88SS9187 controller tied to a DRAM cache and Toshiba NAND flash memory. That last one is the bigger change, the transition of opting newer NAND flash memory which is now 20nm MLC NAND.


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