GELID Solutions unveils the latest programmable controller kit for ARGB

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Thermal Solutions specialist GELID Solutions unveils the latest programmable controller kit for ARGB (Addressable RGB) fans, ARGB strips and other ARGB devices. The CODI6 ARGB Controller Kit is a product of GELID Solution GAMER product line.

The CODI6 ARGB Controller Kit takes the full control of ARGB fans and ARGB strips. It includes the Arduino UNO compatible USB controller board and add-on modules for 6 independently programmable ARGB channels (5V) and 6 PWM fan channels (12V) on top. With 4A per-channel current output, up to 6 ARGB fans or ARGB strips are supported. The RGB controls are loaded via open-source Arduino IDE software and can be easily programmed by various multi-function code samples available from open-source online repositories, or by your own fully custom code to implement any possible, virtually unlimited RGB effects.

The CODI6 ARGB Controller Kit also provides on-board function button for quick mode switching and supports optional ultrasonic sensor for remote control. Additionally, 4 magnetic stands and a sticky gel pad are all included too, so you can mount the CODI6 ARGB Controller Kit anywhere inside your PC. “At the very apex of technology, the new CODI6 Controller is here to release the full power of RGB. Now you can control every aspect of your RGB rig, program up to 6 Addressable RGB fans or RGB strips independently, and move beyond imagination with countless number of dynamic RGB effects”, said Gebhard Scherrer, Sales Director of GELID Solutions Ltd.

The CODI6 ARGB Controller Kit is available now and has a MSRP of USD 29 or Euro 26.

About Addressable RGB (ARGB)
In standard RGB applications, this type uses the standard RGB header with 4-wiring: 12V, R, G, B. All the LEDs integrated with the fan or strip are then connected onto the same 4 busses, they are all controlled as a whole, so they each will output exactly the same color. Unlike the standard RGB, controls of the addressable RGB (ARGB) are digital in nature. For this case, the fans or strips use the addressable RGB header with 3- wiring: 5V, D, Ground. And the integrated LEDs have a special companion IC which drives each of them individually: it resides on a one-wire serial bus and broadcasts commands like “LED number 3, 5 and 6: switch to green” to set the desired color per individual LED.

So, each of the LEDs has its own digital ID and is controlled independently from the others. In turn, an external app can be used to program the IC giving virtually unlimited options of color modes and dynamic effects. Rainbow, rotating colors, multipoint pulsating colors and other stunningly vivid RGB effects are available only with the addressable RGB.

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