Thermalright Macho 90 CPU Cooler Review

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As clearly stated by its name the Macho 90 is part of the Macho line of CPU Coolers but compared to the Rev.B or the Zero it’s less than half in size so it’s no surprise that Thermalright markets it primarily for small mATX/mITX systems (so for example support for LGA2011-1/3 systems is not available unless you purchase the extra mounting kit). Also as stated by its name the Macho 90 is bundled with a 92mm high-speed (800-2000RPM) PWM fan (the cooler can accommodate up to two 92mm fans) which according to Thermalright is actually quite silent (just 27dBA max) making the cooler ideal for use in HTPC systems. So let’s see how the Macho 90 (Macho Junior as i like to call it) does against other similarly sized CPU coolers aimed primarily for use with mATX/mITX systems.