Thermaltake Core V71 Review

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Looking at the pictures below, the chassis has an unified mesh from top to bottom, which is what all the Core chassis in the series look like. Thermaltake’s other series like the Urban or Level 10 stand out from the crowed and it’s good to see the Core continuing this trend. A quick rundown of the chassis from the images below and left to right. This chassis is like an onion and has many layers to be peeled away before it’s all said and done.

Looking at the front, it has two exposed 5.25″ bays covered by a metal mesh and behind that is a removable dust filter. The final layer is a great addition of two 200mm blue LED fans that by default are set up as push so that the chassis has a positive airflow setup. Continuing on, the back is as standard as it comes with a 120mm rear fan, eight expansion slots, and a bottom mount for a power supply. The left side panel includes a full size window, which shows off all the components so you better make sure the wiring is nice and clean. Finally, the right panel is solid and continues the rectangle extruded shape. It doesn’t exactly “fit” the rest of the Core look, but there aren’t many other options to choose from considering it’s just a back panel that gets the least amount of attention.


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