Win a ASUS Matrix R9 280X with OC3D

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The latest AMD R9 GPUs have hit the market, and we’re sure that many of you have been salivating over them, wanting to get your hands on these fire-spitting graphics cards.

Unquestionably the best of the R9 280X’s comes from ASUS with their Matrix R9 280X. Boasting 3GB of GDDR5 and an incredible 1100MHz GPU Core speed out of the box it has the big numbers that everyone loves to see. But it wouldn’t be a ROG Matrix if it wasn’t replete with a plethora of additional features. There is a Turbo Fan button that instantly spins the fans up to 100%, regardless of current driver settings. Tweak buttons allow you to adjust the voltage on the fly, and if things go wrong there is a Safe Mode button that returns everything to the factory defaults.