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Welcome to Hardware Bunker

This is just a short page on who we are, and what we do. Founded on the 10th January 2008, Hardwareslave.com is a technology online publication aimed at giving the reader objective PC information. Drawing on the experience from previously successful websites, Hardwareslave developed and transitioned into a flourishing modern publication.

Our services include hardware and software reviews, up to the minute information and news gathering, and competitions.

Our reviews are clear technical reviews, a “plug and play” view of how the product is for the end-user. We will try not to confuse with too much information and will also provide an unbiased result. We are reviewing hardware, software and gaming products.

We are a hobby and enthusiast site.


We have several news editors/reviewers and one publishing editor, and we can be contacted by email for any site info, or related issues.

Want to join the team? Drop us an email at admin (at) hardwarebunker.com for further discussion.

Our Evolution

There have been several designs for Hardwareslave.com and we have always tried to make them contemporary and visual. We aim to constantly improve the site and it’s appearance, keeping up with the modern look of the internet.


Some Battlefield 4 fun!


Blocking ads with has grown in popularity over the last 5 years, and on the whole we support it. However, we have a clear view that if you find the ads on a site offensive or just an annoyance, then please get in touch.

This is a privately owned and funded site, and with the generosity of our product review partners, we intend this site to be free for all to use.

For this reason, if you use an ad blocker, please add http://hardwareslave.com/ to your safe list, and if the ads are particularly annoying or offensive, please get in touch.

News Submission

If you want to send us your news, send to news (at) hardwareslave.com and we will post when we can.

Affiliate Sign Up

Want to get our latest news? Email us at admin (at) hardwareslave.com and we will add you to our affiliate news.

Review Samples

Join a long list of sponsors!

If you are a manufacturer of hardware or software products and you would like us to test it and post a review, feel free to drop us an email at admin (at) hardwareslave.com for further discussion.

Press Releases

If you have a press release you would like published on our site, please drop us an email to pr (at) hardwareslave.com


Wan’t to advertise on Hardwareslave.com? Drop us an email at admin (at) hardwareslave.com for further discussion.

The Hardwareslave Team



All articles, submissions and suggestions are based upon the contributor’s personal experience only. Use of the information provided on this site is at your own risk. We will not be held responsible for any damage to equipment, people or property based on information available from this site. All articles contributed to and created on behalf of Hardwareslave become Hardwareslave’s property upon posting.

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