How expensive is too expensive for an SSD? That is the rather bold question Angelbird dares to ask. In a marketplace filled with sameness, where terms such as “value” and “performance” make or break entire lineups, few companies are willing to have their potential customers even think the “e: word. Well, Angelbird is not most companies and their new Adler series alongside the newest revision to their SSD2Go Pro are not like most drives.

Unlike other companies, this Austria-based organization has the luxury of being able to think differently by creating pure performance-oriented storage devices which makes no compromises for the sake of cost. While not as well known on this side of the ocean, Angelbird have quickly gained a loyal following of well-heeled enthusiasts who know what they want and are willing to pay a premium to get it. In the case of the enterprise-focused Adler series this means a 320GB model which goes for a whopping $610 and while the 640GB version can be found for a jaw dropping $970.