A few weeks ago, we had an opportunity to attend an ASUS media event and get a sneak peek at the new ASUS lineup for the new next-generation Intel Z97 chipsets. We focused right in on the new Z97-WS workstation motherboard and here you can see a picture of the motherboard on display.

Key features are native third generation PCI Express x16 that also supports NVIDIA 4-way SLI and AMD 4-way CrossFireX.

ProCool Power Connector eliminates the hollow areas in traditional power connectors, is much stronger, and has better power efficiency. It also allows for better heat dissipation, which allows the connector to run cooler.

Q-code logger lets you log events right to a USB flash drive. The log includes all ASUS Q-Codes in a handy text file. Improved UEFI BIOS includes enhanced overclocking abilities.

There are also new SATA Express ports, M.2 Socket 3, four memory DIMM’s which support 3300 MHz O.C./3200 MHz O.C./1600 MHz up to 32GB. And there is also the improved ASUS SUITE III utility which includes enhanced overclocking abilities and 5-way Optimization.