As part of a regular feature for AlienBabelTech, we are charting the performance of 22 games with AMD’s latest Release Candidate Beta 14.4 Catalyst driver released earlier this week using R9 290X/280/270X. We will compare these Radeons’ single-GPU performance versus the previous Catalyst 14.3 Beta 3 driver and also versus the latest GeForce 337.50 beta drivers using GTX 760/770/780 Ti.

This driver performance evaluation will give a natural comparison between the driver performance improvements for AMD and Nvidia’s latest set of beta drivers. Both sets of drivers were released quite recently. This is an important time for Nvidia and AMD to showcase their best driver improvements, and AMD’s Catalyst 14.4 became WHQL yesterday.MetroLL Performance should be identical between the 14.4 Release Candidate and the 14.4 WHQL driver as retesting with a R9 270X indicated.