It sounds as though we’re continually banging on the same ol’ drum, but we’re convinced: the high-performance, small-form-factor PC is finally making sense. Sure, giant enclosures and full-size ATX motherboards are going to continue serving the enthusiast crowd for some time to come, however manufacturers are starting to see greater success in areas of the market that were once considered niche.

Mini- and micro-ATX motherboards are on the up, and with accompanying components demonstrating excellent levels of efficiency, the time is right for high-performance gaming rigs to be downsized. Chassis manufacturers need to be at the heart of this transition and Fractal Design is fully onboard with the newly-released Node 804, priced at £80.

Fractal’s Node product line is well-known for its compact, living-room-friendly designs – the 605 and 304 are both testament to that – yet the 804 is a somewhat different beast in that it straddles the line between compact and powerful.