The Samsung XP941 has been on the market for quite a while now. Apple and Sony both embraced Samsung’s futuristic wonder in retail products. Apple brought an XP941 variant to the market in the 2013 Macbook Pro and later in the new cylinder-shaped Mac Pro. Sony took a different route and stuffed the XP941 in a VAIO Pro 13-inch Ultrabook. None of these products are all that interesting from the eyes of a Windows person. The Apple is easy to discount by name only, and the last thing most of us would want to pair together is an amazing SSD with a 13-inch display.

Things have changed with the introduction of Intel’s new Z97 chipset. Over the last two generations of chipsets, motherboard manufacturers have slowly implemented UEFI capabilities in mainboard BIOS. With Intel’s guidance, and a product to fill the need, the Samsung XP941 can now be used as a boot device in off-the-shelf motherboards.