Each time a PC case makes its way to our lab (more than just once a week) I’m always very curious to see if that particular model packs something new compared to what we’ve seen up to that moment. As you know that’s not the case with most of them since we see the same features and specifications over and over again but exceptions exist everywhere and so from time to time some do pack new and unique characteristics. Take tempered glass for example which was something new and exciting when introduced in the market in 2015 and still is although many PC cases feature it now.

Still the majority of PC cases that feature tempered glass only have their right side panel made by it and honestly it was always expected from manufacturers to expand that on both sides and why not even at the front and top as well. The first attempt by Thermaltake to tick the boxes of most of the things we’ve been expecting is the View 31 TG mid tower which is here with us today (once again we’re among the first people to get their hands on it). Link