Overall Score 4.1  

All set up and ready to go, not much to it, routers are very easy to setup and plug in and the WRT1200AC is no different. You would be forgiven at this point if you have just unboxed it and set it up for wondering where the ExpressVPN part of the product is, but it’s all in the custom firmware.

Going for a well known networking equipment provider is a good move, you know at least the physical hardware is going to be of a good standard.

ExpressVPN Virtual Private Network Router Review

Custom Firmware

The ExpressVPN firmware is not a bolt-on, it covers all the WRT1200AC’s configuration and setup. It’s a seamless integration with the router so you are only ever managing one interface. It’s welcome, and works well. We had no issues navigating, the UI was fast and via your chosen web browser.

There are two types of performances that come from a VPN test, speed and does it work? We are slightly throttled for speed in the UK but in the office, we have an 80Mb fibre connection achieving around 9Mb/s download and 3Mb/s upload speed. We also achieve a ping of 9-13ms using various speed tests and server browsers and in game information.

Package and Bundle
Consumer Experience