AMD A10-7850K Performance Optimized 14.2 Driver

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With the release of AMD’s Kaveri APU and the realization of their heterogeneous compute vision, the A10-7850K has the potential to make a lot of changes in the way we use the processing power available to us. The A10-7850K can harness the full power of both its CPU and GPU cores equally, something that can benefit us, the end users, greatly. The problem is, that vision doesn’t fully come to life until developers start writing for it.

AMD_Kaveri_Chip_AngledThe Mantle API goes a long way toward helping developers efficiently take advantage of the capabilities offered by Kaveri and HSA. The current drivers available for Kaveri, 13.12 at the time of publishing, don’t support all of the features of Mantle. Don’t give up on Kaveri yet, however.