AMD Ryzen 7 Memory And Tweaking Analysis review

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In this article we’ll take the new G.Skill Flare X 3200 MHz memory kit and have a closer look at the effect of memory frequencies on applications and games with Ryzen 7 from AMD. Next to that we’ll also address processor tweaking a bit so you can peek what effect that faster memory and a CPU tweak have as an overall impact on Ryzen 7 performance.

A lot has been said and written on Ryzen 7. A great processor series, but it lacks a little in 1080p gaming situations where you are CPU bound (if you have a fast enough graphics card). There has been much discussion on the cause of it, memory latency, latency in-between the CCX modules on the processor, driver issues, Windows 10, game optimization’s, benchmarking with a GeForce card over an AMD one, thread schedulers and so on. The reality is simple, the results are what they are. Ryzen 7 lacks a good 10 to 20% in performance with super fast graphics cards in a lower resolution compared to the fastest clocked Intel SKUs. The thing is, you can do quite a bit with the platform to tweak out that difference. And one done, then all of the sudden you have a much faster setup, but now with 8 cores perhaps making it much more future proof over a quad-core processor. Link