ASUS Z97 SaberTooth Mark 1 Motherboard Review

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Today we’ll review the ASUS Z97 SaberTooth Motherboard. Join us in a review on a product that is bound to please the PC gamer. The Z97 TUF themed mainboard is intended for Intel’s 22nm Haswell and Haswell refresh processors on that Socket LGA1150 platform. It is a mainstream to high-end segmented product amongst the ASUS Sabertooth series that comes with some nice features and very decent overclock potential.

Intel released their series 9 chipsets, among them will be low-end and high-end desktop solutions. For the consumers and readers of Guru3D, H97 and Z97 will be the two most interesting ones. For the HTPC end of things H97 is the most appealing as tweaking options are stripped away with a lower price-tag. For the more hardcore gamers and PC aficionados, the Z97 is the most interesting. Z97 by itself as a chipset is nothing special. HOWEVER, we have plenty to look at as the motherboard manufacturers went totally nuts and started redesigning their motherboards, added new features and made them extraordinarily cool. You’ll spot new redesigns build on the DNA of Z87 yet improved massively.