Cooler Master Goes Apples at 2014 CES, Gets HAF Stacked

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Along with seemingly everyone else at CES 2014, I caught Cooler Master straying from their PC case and peripheral’s roots and into other areas of interest. Benchmark Reviews visited Cooler Master’s suite at the Palm’s Resort and Casino during CES 2014 and we found some interesting new products that you might not expect to see from the company that brought us the HAF series of cases.

An entire room in the Cooler Master suite at CES 2014 was actually dedicated to Apple device peripherals. This story isn’t completely new, as Cooler Master’s JAS Mini has been around for a short time already. According to Cooler Master, the JAS Mini is one of the hottest iPad Mini and iPhone stands available through the Apple Store. In addition to the JAS Mini, however, Cooler Master had on display a slew of Apple-centered peripherals. Although they are targeted at Apple devices, however, it should be noted that most, if not all, of these peripherals can also be used with other smartphones and tablets.