Corsair Obsidian 450D Review

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As a case manufacturer, Corsair’s quest is now complete. Just recently it filled out its product stack with a mini-ITX model, the 250D, meaning the company now offers a full range from mini-ITX, through micro-ATX (350D) and ATX (750D) to E-ATX (900D) all of which fall under its Obsidian brand. However, while technically complete that doesn’t mean there’s isn’t room for a few more additions. Step forward the Corsair Obsidian 450D. This latest addition to the lineup is, arguably, what should have been the first model of the bunch: a sub-£100 standard ATX model.

What makes this addition particularly important, is that Corsair has won an award with every Obsidian case we just mentioned, so the 450D has a tough act to follow.

Price-wise it appears to be on the money – just. You’ll get a wad of change from £100, yet the case is solid, sturdy and the perforated front grille adds a little pizazz to the usual understated, sleek Obsidian exterior – it’s the only case in the range to do so too and we’d argue it looks better for it as well and goes a long way to giving it a more premium look and feel compared to much of the competition.