Crucial launches SSD install app

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Crucial has launched the industry’s first mobile-friendly SSD install web app to simplify the SSD install process for any consumer. The step-by-step guide is available at Tested with everyday people who have never done a hardware upgrade, the web app makes the process much simpler and removes any technical terms people may be uncomfortable with.

People can install their new SSD in less than 15 minutes by following the straightforward instructions in the web app. Most people can relate to the feeling that you only get when waiting on slow technology, and waiting for a slow computer is no exception. A recent study by found that the average Brit’s patience with slow technology lasts 60 seconds before that person starts to get irritated.

Jonathan Weech, Crucial SSD Sr. Product Line Manager, commented, “Our new mobile-friendly web app takes away the jargon and makes the SSD install process simpler to follow and easy to understand. When you replace a hard drive with an SSD, your computer can boot up almost instantly, and it will deliver that speed for years to come. Many people just accept the idea that computers take longer to start when they get older, but a new SSD transforms your system from the inside out.”

Loading files and apps stored on an SSD is like flipping a light switch – it’s almost instant. When performing everyday tasks, SSDs are on average 6x faster than hard drives. The new web app makes these benefits more accessible to people who may be apprehensive about opening their computer – there isn’t any intimidating technical language and the straightforward installation process is shown clearly through text and video.

The web app is available to use on your phone at

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