DeepCool Steam Castle Micro ATX Chassis Review

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Although the future is all about miniaturization and thus we should see powerful systems which will fit at the palm of our hands sooner rather than later i still haven’t given up on full towers. Of course this might have to do with my line of work but still as far back as i can remember I’ve always preferred full towers over midi/mini ones so it may just be me. However i can’t deny that there’s an increase in demand for mATX/mITX cases lately mainly from people who are either looking for something to blend in beneath/next to their TV set or people who just don’t want to sacrifice much room space. The only downside with the majority of HTPC cases out in the market is their design since with very few exceptions (like the train model by Lian-Li) they have nothing to show for. Well Deepcool decided to address that issue with their latest Steam Castle mATX/mITX compatible PC case.