EK aims for perfection – New coolant packaging

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If something works don’t change it, right? But why not upgrade it? In this fashion, EK Water Blocks, the leading premium computer liquid cooling brand has recently updated the way the EK-CryoFuel coolants are packed. The coolant formula is proving itself as very reliable so there are no changes made to the coolant itself, only the packing has been improved!

The first major change is that the Premix coolant bottles now hold 1000ml instead of 900ml, for the same price as before! The new packaging also features a level gauge on the side of the bottle, and it is also additionally sealed with a foil cap. The foil cap ensures that the customer is receiving a new, unopened bottle of coolant.

All EK-CryoFuel coolants are now carrying the production date and batch code which is printed on the top side of the cap for more precise shelf life tracking. The date is listed in the format of Day.Month.Year (Example: 11.11.2018).

But that is not all! Three new coolant colors are also being launched! Inspired by the feedback from our customers and the community, EK developed and tested transparent orange, pink and purple EK-CryoFuel coolants. All three of these coolants are available in 100ml Concentrate and 1000ml Premix variants and carry the names EK-CryoFuel Amber Orange, EK-CryoFuel Power Pink and EK-CryoFuel Indigo Violet.

Availability and Pricing

EK-CryoFuel Amber Orange, EK-CryoFuel Power Pink and EK-CryoFuel Indigo Violet coolants are made in Slovenia, Europe and are readily available for order through EK Webshop and Partner Reseller Network. In the table below you can see the manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP).

For the more information, please refer to our Official Press Release.