EK Fluid Gaming Aluminum Water Block for AMD Radeon 5700 Series Cards

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EK-AC Radeon RX 5700 +XT D-RGB

EK, the leading premium computer liquid cooling gear manufacturer, is releasing the EK-AC Radeon RX 5700 +XT D-RGB water block as a part of the Fluid Gaming lineup. This water block is compatible with reference design AMD® Radeon™ RX 5700 and 5700 XT graphics cards as well.
One of the current best-buy graphics cards just got a best-buy block made of Aluminum to make the ultimate combo for budget oriented buyers that value silence and maximum performance with enhanced reliability and longetivity.

This aluminum water block directly cools the GPU, 8GB of GDDR6 memory, and VRM (voltage regulation module) as cooling liquid is channeled directly over these critical areas.

The base of the block is made of high-quality aluminum while the top is made of glass-like acrylic material. The entire water block is lit up with D-RGB (Addressable) LED. Sealing is ensured by high-quality EPDM O-Rings with the standoffs already pre-installed allowing for a safe and easy installation procedure.

The EK-AC Radeon RX 5700 +XT D-RGB water block comes equipped with an integrated D-RGB (addressable) lighting solution, where each LED is individually addressable and controllable through the motherboard RGB software. For the correct header, please consult your motherboard manual, connect it to a 5V D-RGB (A_RGB) header on your motherboard.


Liquid cooling your Radeon RX 5700 GPU will allow you to overclock it to the maximum clock allowed by the card and reach up to 20% better results depending on workload or game you’re playing. Even while overclocked your card will reach far lower temperatures and less noise than factory clocked with air cooling ensuring an even longer lifespan of the card.

Availability and Pricing

The EK-AC Radeon RX 5700 +XT D-RGB blocks and backplates are made in Slovenia, Europe and are available for pre-order through the EK WebshopThey will start shipping on Tuesday, 23rd of October 2019! In the table below you can see manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP) with VAT included.