Fractal Design Arc XL review

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We’ll be reviewing the Fractal Design Arc XL, it is a notch bigger yet also better as far as we are concerned. This all black and white chassis comes with plenty of cooling options, great design and aesthetics and is so big that it will even house the biggest motherboards up-to E-ATX and XL-ATX. This product is made with airflow and liquid cooling in mind to serve the more performance oriented PCs. You’ll be excited about storage, style, USB 3.0 options and an even integrated three-speed fan controller. The Fractal Design Arc XL is what you can tag as big-tower chassis. So it’ll be present in your room or work-space and will offer you space to go wild with your cooling and components. As such liquid cooling fanatics should not be disappointed, on the contrary, it can hold multiple thick 240mm radiators and slim radiators up to 360mm in length with enough room left for pumps and reservoirs.