HIS Radeon R9-290X Hybrid ICEQ review

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In this review we will benchmark and test the HIS Radeon R9-290X Hybrid IceQ edition. The card uses liquid cooling for the GPU that runs towards a 120mm radiator. The 2816 counting Shader processors based Hawaii chip is paired with a nice 4 GB GDDR5 memory running along a 512-bit memory interface.

The HIS Radeon R9-290X Hybrid IceQ edition will be factory tweaked for you at a very fast clock frequency of 1100 MHz. Ut doesn’t stop there though, as the clocks on the GDDR5 memory are set at a 6 Gbps effective data-rate (reference is 5 Gbps). Hmmm, did I just catch your attention? Yeah I figured that much. Let’s go and check her out, shall we?


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