Jonsbo release QT03A, VR2 and FR-101 fan series

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With the QT03A and the VR2 we present two particularly classy PC cases. The combination of high-quality materials, an exemplary processing and an eye for detail emphasize our products from the gray mass of the case market. In addition to this, we present our first series of fans, the FR-101.

The QT03A is a based on the popular QT01 “Antiphon”. It is not a replacement, but expands the portfolio by another Midi tower. Like the QT01, the QT03A uses an anodized aluminum front. The two sides made of 5 mm thick “tempered glass” further refine the case and allow for an almost unimpeded view into the interior.

As with the QT01, the new QT03A is designed for minimal noise. Cover and front are clad with sound-absorbing materials, the mounting of the hard disks and the power supply is decoupled. An integrated fan control (7V – off – 12V) also allows the speed of the installed fans to be reduced to ensure even quieter operation.

The ventilation concept of the Midi-Tower is designed for maximum efficiency. Behind the front, up to three 120 or 140 mm fans can be installed – two 120 mm fans are included. Another 120 mm fan can be found at the back of the case. Fans of water cooling will be pleased to be able to install a 280 or even a 360 mm radiator behind the front. The stealthy air intakes on the sides of the front allow the fans to suck in fresh air from the outside.

The split interior offers two separate zones. The hard drive cage for two 3.5 inch drives is also located underneath the PSU cover. Three additional 2.5 inch SSDs can be installed on the back of the mainboard tray. Thus, up to five hard disks can be accommodated in the QT03A.

The QT03A is designed for high-end hardware. CPU coolers with a maximum installation height of 172 mm and graphic cards up to 400 mm in length can be placed in the high-grade Midi-Tower. Another feature of the chassis is the new mounting bracket for cables that can simultaneously be used to stabilize very long VGA cards. This allows the case to keep a tidy appearance at any time.

The VR2 is the “big brother” of the extremely successful VR1. Both rely on the vertical installation of graphics cards to accommodate high-end systems in fairly compact mini-towers. In the VR2, Micro-ATX or Mini-ITX motherboards, as well as CPU coolers up to 190 mm height and graphics cards up to 300 (320) mm can be mounted.

The VR2 also offers a classic exterior of anodized aluminum and, in combination with the two 5 mm thick tempered glass side panels, automatically catches the eye. This allows the elegant desktop case to fit harmoniously into any surrounding. A steel chassis gives the case an outstanding stability.

The three preinstalled 120 mm fans ensure an equally quiet and efficient heat exchange. If required, mounting holes for 140 mm fans are also available. This allows the installation of a 240 or 280 mm radiator or a corresponding compact water cooling solution at the bottom of the VR2.

Final, we also present our brand new FR-101 fan series. The series includes two 120 mm PWM models, as well as four 120 mm versions with 3-pin Molex connector. All fans are equipped with 18 high-power LEDs, which give the fans a spiral lighting effect. The fan blades of the standard versions are transparent; the PWM models are silver-finished.

Thanks to the hydraulic bearing, the FR-101 is wonderfully silent and can be adjusted by a fan control or via the mainboard. The maximum speed is 1,500 rpm, whereby the fans produce a flow of up to 68.3 m³/h at max. 25.4 dB (A).

The FR-101 PWM uses a double ball bearing and offers a wide control range of 800 – 1,800 rpm. They generate between 15.2 and 29.6 dB (A) and achieve an airflow of 40.4 – 82.9 m³/h.

All products are now available in stores.