Key Series Releases Premium T18NC True Wireless Active Noise Cancelling Earbuds

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Key Series, the earbud and headphone specialists, have just released its latest best in class product – the true wireless T18NC. In keeping with its moto of delivering lossless sound quality, active noise cancelling, and a powerful wireless capability, the T18NC provides a premium, quality experience you expect from a high-end quality earbud manufacturer.

Active Noise Cancellation Removes Outside Noise

Or ANC for short delivers noise reduction levels of -25db to isolate sounds around you without compromising music playback. The noise cancellation analyzes ambient sound, creates an inverse soundwave and mixes it with the sound from the earbuds. This gives music creators the ideal balance of ambient noise reduction and audio performance.

13mm Titanium Driver Provides Premium Sound

The T18NC, as part of the Key Series, produces hi-fi quality sound from its 13mm titanium driver and outputs highly accurate sound with superior clarity. The sound quality is mesmerizingly close to being there in person. It delivers pure sound with a dynamic range holding a frequency range of 20Hz to 20KHz.

Extended Battery Life for Longer Use

Users can get up to 7 hours of talk time and music on a single charge (4-5 hours consecutive playtime at high volume), and when placed in the charging case that total playtime is bumped up a notch to 24 hours which can be very useful for long haul flights or trips. Furthermore, if you are close to a wall socket, you can easily wirelessly charge the earbuds from the base station.

Audio Controls at your Fingertips with One Tap

Using the T18NC is as simple as implementing the integrated touch controls which gives you the option to tap either earbud to play/pause music or answer/reject calls and going from track to track is just as easy with a double tap or tap and hold the panel on either earbud for 1 second to reach active noise cancelling.

Dual-Mic Noise Reduction Makes it Easier to Remove Outside Interferences

These tiny earbuds fit snug into your ears and with the dual-mic noise reduction technology the in-ear design improves wind-noise reduction thus limits background noise to ensure a flawless communicative experience and exceptionally clear voice quality calls. The dual-mic capability means your voice is clear and provides a premium sound quality. Part of delivering good sound quality is using class-leading audio processors so that no matter the environment you’re in, you will receive precise noise reduction that optimizes the sound in real-time to capture the distortion and cancel background noise no matter the situation.

IPX5 Rated – Waterproof and Dustproof

Need to go for a run or a workout? No problem. The T18NC’s are IPX5 waterproof leaving you protected from the elements. This means it can sustain any low pressure water jet-like spray meaning it blocks out sweat or other unwanted drops of water. And, if you need to make a call while being active the dual-mic noise reduction technology helps to remove all outside clutter so you can hear clearly.

Audio Series Family Available in many Varieties

The T18NC is part of a series of earbuds and headphones recently released by Key Series to up the ante on its audio line. At CES 2020 we released 1 TWS-T18NC, 2 sport headphones (B60P & B80P), 1 neckband earphone – the N33, 2 over-ear headphones (N60 & B90), and a hi-fi Bluetooth receiver – the C90. Last year we released 1 TWS-T10 (for which we received an iF Design Award), 1 neckband earphone – B33, and the year prior to that (2018) we released 2 sport earphones – the B60 and B80.

Availability and Pricing

The T18NC earbuds is available for £119 on the Key Series official website now. Watch the T18NC earbuds video at Key Series Channel.

About Key Series

Key Series is an innovative audio brand providing the best premium quality materials to produce comfortable and durable products. Our aim is to deliver lossless sound quality, active noise cancelling, and a powerful wireless capability. In early 2019 we won the coveted iF Design Award for true innovative design concepts and to complement this we have released “2” sports headphones, a true wireless pair of earbuds, and a pair of neckband earphones over a period of only a year.

Learn more about Key Series at or check us out on our Facebook @keyseriesaudio and Instagram @Keyseries.