Lian Li PC-Q07B Mini-ITX Case Review

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Lian-Li’s historical reputation is filled with some of the most innovative designs and ideas such as their “reverse-ATX” models. To add to their history, their products are undeniably well built and host one of the highest levels of quality that is available today in the market, which we have really come to enjoy here at Benchmark Reviews. Even in their budget oriented cases, Lian-Li has managed to impress us in the past with their choice of designs and user friendly layouts. The Lian Li PC-Q07B ITX case is no exception, featuring a very appealing and extremely small minimalistic cube design, we found that this case is perfect for the current trend of mini-ITX systems that keeps growing due to the improved integration of motherboard chipsets.

Anyone familiar with Lian-Li’s products is aware of their straightforward approach which sets itself aside from the modern trends of other case companies. Along with the exceptionally simple layout and the extremely small enclosure which is about half the size of other mini-ITX enclosures such as the BitFenix Prodigy and the Corsair 250D, while still being able to house an ordinary ATX power supply, Lian Li does a very good job at keeping us excited to work with their cases.