Lian Li’s sleek Alpha Series Tempered Glass Cases for easy builds now available

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Lian Li Industrial Co. Ltd has announced the all-new Alpha series of PC cases. Where Lian Li has traditionally crafted unique, high-quality aluminium PC cases with unique design elements, the Alpha series combines that unique approach to compartmented PC chassis design and combines it with the traditional mono-space PC case. This has created a unique series of mainstream PC cases that feature Lian Li’s inspiring tempered glass panels and liquid cooling potential while preserving the layout of traditional PC builds. The quality still defies industry standards with 1 mm thick SECC steel and 4 mm thick tempered glass panels. But, a true tempered glass case is traditionally hard on cable management, that’s why cable management in the Alpha series, with glass panels all-around, is a priority. With cable blinders available all-around, a PSU shroud and two-level transparency glass panels, amazingly clean builds can be made, from mini-ITX to 8-slot Extended ATX motherboards with vertical GPUs. The Lian Li Alpha series is a fresh, new performance and design direction in the PC design industry, with a minimum of protrusions and plastic in order to create a new beacon of light and sleek design in a sea of “gaming” inspired cases.

The tempered glass Alpha series

The long-awaited availability of the Alpha 330 and 550 RGB allows gamers to maximize their good looks thanks to its spacious design and flexibility. From the start, the Alpha series was designed to allow a large amount of equipment, be visually appealing and still offer the performance needed. That is why most general cabling can be hidden under many blinders and components can be arranged for showcase builds. The up to 300 mm PSU is hidden out of sight with a PSU shroud and tempered glass with two levels of transparency. SSD’s and HDD can be put on display on the drive mounts in the rear of the case, whereas a dedicated pump/reservoir mount in the main chamber makes installation of liquid cooling equipment easy. Additionally, the Alpha series is prepared for vertical GPUs with an easy mounting solution in the main chamber (PCI-e riser cable sold separately) that allows for a hassle-free transition to a vertical GPU system.

Alpha 550, four tempered glass panels for the ultimate RGB experience

The Alpha 550 RGB combines the brilliance of the three included Bora 120 RGB fans and RGB strip on the front panel with four tempered glass panels. Its premium looks are combined by a keenness for cleanness. Alongside the front and top tempered glass panels runs a first dust grill and the fan/radiator racks behind it are covered with an easily removable dust mesh filter. The Alpha 550 supports larger radiators than the Alpha 330 for optimal cooling. The Alpha 550 has been designed as the core for any clean build and has been equipped to go all the way, no matter the circumstances.

Alpha 330 vertical GPU and clean build chassis

The Alpha 330 comes is the current entry model in Lian Li’s new Alpha series, but is identical internally to the Alpha 550 RGB. This means you get space for a 420 mm radiator at the front of the chassis and the front panel has been optimized for air flow, with two large air-intakes at the top and bottom of the panel for those that prefer cooling performance over. The top panel houses up to three 120 mm fans, covered with a magnetically sealed dust filter and not covered with tempered glass. The main glass panel is larger than on the Alpha 550 and overlaps the front cover leading to a visually sleek style that defines it from any other case on the market.

Start your new build, with the Lian Li Alpha giveaway

To get your latest Lian Li Alpha series build going, Lian Li is organizing a special giveaway event to help PC gamers and modders start their next build. Until November 20th everyone can join the contest through the Lian Li Facebook page or Lian Li’s Instagram account. Four lucky winners will be selected and receive their award from a prize pool of over a dozen products from AMD, ASRock, Bitspower HyperX, Razer, and Lian Li. The contest is open worldwide and winners will be selected randomly by the app

Pricing and availability

The Lian Li Alpha 330 and 550 will be available in Black(X) and White(W) in the early of December
Lian Li Alpha 330 Black/White £ 99.9
Lian Li Alpha 550 Black/White £ 149.9

The Lian Li Bora 120 RGB will be available in the middle of December at Overclockers UK
Single Lian Li Bora 120 RGB fan (120-1S/B) will be available at an MSRP of £ 17.9
Single Lian Li Bora 120 RGB fan with controller (120R-1S/B) will be available at an MSRP of £ 26.9
Triple pack Lian Li Bora 120 RGB fan plus controller (120R-3S/B) will be available at an MSRP of £ 57.9

Product information is available on the Lian Li website:

Lian Li Alpha series overview:
Lian Li Alpha 330 information:
Lian Li Alpha 550 information:
Lian Li Bora 120 RGB information:

Watch the Alpha series video introduction here

About Lian Li

Lian Li Industrial Co. Ltd is an Aluminum Chassis and Chassis peripheral manufacturer and provider of industrial wholesale as well as OEM & ODM services for the PC industry as required. With over 20 years of service excellence, ISO 9001 certification and a team of professional staff willing to do the utmost to deliver durable, superior quality products, all backed by a 2-year warranty*; your satisfaction is guaranteed (*conditions apply). To learn more about Lian Li, please visit their official website: You can also visit Lian Li on Facebook or follow Lian Li on Instagram: @LianLiHQ