More details on 15-Core Xeon E7 Ivy Town Processors

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Some new details emerged on the Intel 15-core server chip code-named Ivytown. According to information provided, the processor will be based on Intel’s Haswell Predecessor – Ivybridge and will be called the “Xeon E7 Ivytown”. Intel confirmed that it will release a 15-core server chip code-named Ivytown, which will be based on the Ivy Bridge architecture. It will be called Xeon E7-8800v and is made for business servers.

The chip is a 15-core model (64-bit Ivy-Bridge cores), which means that the system can have a whopping 30 threads, thanks to Hyper-Threading technology. The cache memory is jawbreaking at 35.7 MB (shared L3 cache). There will be 40 PCI Express lanes (2.5/5.0/8.0Gbps), four direct media interface (DMI) lanes (2.5/5.0Gbps), and 60 QPI lanes (6.4/7.2/8.0Gbps) for connecting with other CPUs in a server/ data center.