MSI X370 XPower Gaming Titanium Review

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For our next X370 review we move on-wards to MSI with their grand X370 XPower Gaming Titanium. This top of the line Ryzen motherboard is stylish alright, wrapped in that Titanium look and feel the motherboard has a feature set that impresses, this motherboard might be a very nice match for your Ryzen series 5 or 7 processor. The X370 motherboard is seated in the high-end Ryzen motherboard spectrum. A breathtaking motherboard with that metal colored coating, extra overclock features, DDR4 A-XMP functions and not one two M.2. slots and just so much more. Titanium edition – it probably is the most interesting looking motherboard released ever thanks to that new PCB coating.

AMD has released Ryzen 7, the product name ad series for their released 8-cores (16 threads) processors. A processor series fabbed at a more efficient and optimized 14 nanometer FinFET process, rather than the 32 nm and 28 nm processes of previous AMD FX CPUs and AMD APUs, respectively. AMD’s processors and APUs over the years have run their course really, for the gamer and more mainstream PC aficionado the older FX and APU series simply lack in raw processor performance compared to what the competition has been offering. We discussed it many times in the reviews, but if you compared an Intel processor core and an AMD processor core and clocked them at the very same frequency, Intel was almost half faster. The effect of that phenomenon showed in the less optimized and threaded applications, many games are a good example here. Ryzen series 7 likely is best matched with B350 (a little more value) and the X370 motherboards as it is a high-end desktop (HEDT) product series. Link