Nanoxia Special N.N.V. Fan Series

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With the fans of the Special N.N.V. Series we present a real revolution for the fan market. This is the first time that we get to use patented technology from the automotive industry.

We are the only brand in the PC industry allowed to make use of this specific piece of technology, which is used by German car manufacturers to circulate air in the seat heating of their cars. This enables us to offer the first virtually vibration-free PC fan in the world.

Potential recognized – Problem banned: You all know the effect what happens, when you connect a vibrating fan to a solid body – noise is generated. This is one of the main sources of fan generated noise. In order to counteract this effect, the user had to employ various forms of decoupling materials. With our fans of the Special N.N.V. series, this problem is solved once and forever. The new “No Vibrations” principle provides us with torques of a particularly pleasant nature.

Our Special N.N.V. fans consist of two different frames. The outer fan frame offers mounting points to install the fan inside a case or on a CPU-cooler. The inner impeller frame holds the rotor and the motor of the fan – it’s decoupled from the outer frame by four rubberized dampers. An absolute novelty in the PC business, which allows a very smooth and silent running operation of our fans.

We only use materials of the highest quality for the production of our fans. Particularly durable plastics, a high-quality hydrodynamic fan bearing and a very quiet motor ensure that the fan has a very high life expectancy. The use of fluid dynamic bearings guarantees that the fans stay smooth running and whisper quiet all the time, even after years of operation.

In lieu of screws we use a very reliable new mounting kit for our new fans. Included are four push-pin bolts, which can easily be used to install the fan in no time and without any fuzz. The leave no trace behind and can be removed without any problem. Thus the installation and removing of the fans is a real breeze.

The Special N.N.V. fan series will consist of four 120 mm models. We expect them to become available in stores by the middle of February. The first model to reach us will be the Special N.N.V. Fan 120 PWM. Shortly thereafter the versions with 800, 1,200 and 2,000 rpm will follow. Link