PAPAGO GoWatch 770 Sports Watch Review

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PAPAGO is not a household name, so you’ve probably clicked into this review because you’re the curious type, or you’re in the market for a sports watch. I’m not going to lie; I didn’t know about the company until I was contacted by them, but I was more than happy to check out their latest sports watch, the GoWatch 770.

It’s an interesting device, and coming in hot on the heels of my review of Sony’s beautiful SmartWatch 2, it was a hard sell. I’m not the most outdoorsy person, nor am I the most active (apart from having a 3-year-old super-active daughter to keep up with).

This didn’t stop me from testing the GoWatch 770 in its element, but there definitely has to be a warning here: you only want to be interested in the GoWatch 770 if you’re an active person. This is a Sports Watch, and not a smartwatch after all.