Samsung PN64F8500 64 Inch Smart TV Review

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To this day I don’t get why people are still pushing the death of plasma TVs. Sure the plasma variety is less plentiful and you have to look really hard to find it on display at your local consumer electronics store, but they do exist. When I see this I consider a plasma TV to be the underdog trying to swim in a sea filled with LED/LCD TV options that still even to this day cannot touch a plasma TV’s performance in terms of black levels, vivid color reproduction and smooth playback.

With that being said, today I will be reviewing Samsung’s premier 8500 series 64in monster Plasma TV that not only boasting things like “quad core performance” and “upgradable hardware”, but also offers such things as a built in webcam, full Smart TV functionality complete with the likes of Netflix, Youtube, Cineplex along with essentially every other feature you would want in a TV.