Sandberg Credit Card 850mAh Powerbank Review

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Can any of you even recall how many times your smartphones have ran out of battery while you’re out having drinks far away from a power socket? Having a power socket is not even a solution since i bet many of you had your smartphones ran out of battery while attending a wedding or a meeting since you obviously don’t carry the wall charger with you. Portable battery packs are a valid solution to such circumstances but you really can’t carry one around with you at all times since although very small they are more than what you can fit in the pockets of your shirt or jeans. A couple of years back certain manufacturers came up with a very smart idea which basically involved using several flat battery cells inside a credit-card like enclosure which you would be able to carry around you at all times whether that would be inside one of your pockets or inside your wallet. However it wasn’t until recently that we began to see such solutions that feature enough battery juice to recharge most smartphones up to a full time and so since we wanted to take a look and see how far this “innovation” has progressed today we will be testing the latest Credit Card 850mAh powerbank by Sandberg.