SanDisk Extreme PRO 480 GB SSD review

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With the Extreme Pro series Sandisk ups their most popular SSD series a notch. It is a bit faster, but more importantly, SanDisk focused a lot on long-lasting performance. Typically over time performance of an SSD degrades quite a bit. That’s different with the Extreme Pro series. There are more advantages, not only endurance, but lifespan has increased as well. Sandisk guarantees 80 TB written. So with 10 years lifespan even if you write 20 Gigabyte of data per day 365 Days a year that should be peanuts. In fact they are so confident about it that they will guarantee this with a 10 year limited warranty. While stability and safety of your data have become a number priority for the manufacturers, the technology keeps advancing in a fast pace as it does, the performance numbers a good SSD offers these days are simply breathtaking. 450 to 500 MB/sec on SATA3 is the norm for a single controller based SSD.