SilverStone Raven RV05 Mid-Tower Case Review

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SilverStone is known for producing high quality cases that provide an excellent assortment of cooling options, though at more premium prices than other manufacturers. In 2008 SilverStone released a behemoth of a case that was dubbed the Raven RV01. The RV01 became an immediate enthusiast favorite, with striking looks and a unique design that rotated the motherboard by 90 degrees. Even more unique about the Raven was the “stack effect” cooling design, which focused on creating a vertical airflow that allowed heat to naturally rise out of the case. The RV01 was a case to be desired, but aside from being easily one of the largest tower cases ever made, it sold for a whopping $250.00. SilverStone has released several successors to the RV01, including a miniITX version, but has yet to recapture the feel of the original RV01…until now.