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“Saskatchewan jokes are the best,” I told my friend. My friend nodded in agreement. “They are simply endless,” he replied. What makes Saskatchewan jokes so funny? For those who live south of the forty-ninth parallel, or the rest of the world, for that matter, let me put it this way: Let’s say your dog ran off. If you lived in Saskatchewan, you can still see your dog running after three days. Haha! Now, despite all the Saskatchewan jokes the rest of Canada likes to crack occasionally, the bread basket of the world is actually quite a desirable place to live — at least according to the 20,000 people who just moved in last year. In fact, their population growth rate is second only to Alberta. What makes Saskatchewan so desirable? Well, it fills in the criteria for many essentials: A healthy economy, affordable living, high employment, good environment, and low crime rates; just to name a few. Sure, living in provinces like British Columbia or Ontario is more exciting, but when it comes to making decisions like where to move to, practical considerations win over pure emotional desirability.


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