Thermalright high-performance thermal compounds provide lower CPU temperatures

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For performance enthusiasts and extreme overclockers: Thermalright high-performance thermal compounds provide significantly lower CPU temperatures in every PC.

With the three high-performance thermal compounds TF6, TF8 and TFX, Thermalright aims at the performance-oriented PC users and overclockers. The cooler specialist places the focus above all on a simple and convenient application to the CPU.

In contrast to tough and difficult to apply thermal compounds with silver content, the Thermalright pastes are particularly easy to distribute on the CPU heatspreader. By eliminating a conductive metal short circuits to the hardware components are also excluded. An advantage and safety plus especially for inexperienced users.

Another advantage: all three pastes can be easily removed when changing the cooler or when renewing the paste. Since the TF6, the TF8 and the TFX can do without silver, the cooler does not adhere so strongly to the CPU – there is no danger of tearing the processor with the cooler out of the socket. After assembly, no curing time is necessary, so that the full efficiency, immediately after the cooler installation is achieved.

All three pastes shine with a high thermal conductivity. The cheapest of the three pastes, the TF6, already comes to a value of 12.5 W / mk, the TF8 to 13.8 W / mk and the TFX even to 14.3 W / mk.

While the TF6 easily withstands temperatures between -50 and 240 C, the TF8 and TFX are even suitable for much lower temperatures, making them the optimal choice for extreme overclocking. Both the TF8 and the TFX have been optimized for use in nitrogen-cooled systems: the TF8 can be used from -220 C to 380 C, the TFX survives -250 to 300 C.


TFX: 2 or 6.2 grams 12,99 € / 29,99 €
TF8: 2 or 5.8 grams 12,99 € / 19,99 €
TF6: 4 grams 12,99 €