Tt eSPORTS VERTO Gaming Headset Review

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Between the release of the latest GeForce GTX980/970 cards which currently offer the best price/performance ratio and several price drops announced by NVIDIA for their previous generation cards I’m pretty certain that most of you will be thinking about a graphics card upgrade which will allow you to better experience all the latest and upcoming game titles. Well needless to say but aside good graphics cards you also need the proper gaming peripherals to further enrich your experience and what’s more important than a gaming headset if you’re not living alone? Now I’ve said it many times in the past that we always like to know what it is that we’re giving away with every single one of our giveaways and so since the only prize we’ve yet to get our hands on included in our last giveaway with our good friends from Tt eSPORTS is their latest VERTO gaming headset the time has come for us to get close and personal with it.