Xigmatek Vector P700 700-Watt 80 PLUS Gold Power Supply Review

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We’ve taken a look at many units from Xigmatek here at TweakTown; and I must say that I’ve never really been impressed with their offerings. They seem mostly targeted toward the lower-end of the market, and as an enthusiast myself, I tend to look toward the other end of the market. Aside from that, their performance hasn’t been anything that was over the top, and neither has the price. Their power supplies have always just felt like they were another random unit in the pile, and nothing that screamed: “PICK ME, PICK ME!!!”

The new Vector P700 from Xigmatek feels a little different though, and I’m intrigued by just looking at pictures of the unit. It has a little bit of extra flair in the design, and it really pops. It will most certainly stand out in the case as something more than just a power supply.