Zotac Zbox Sphere OI520 Plus

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Zotac has been teasing the Zbox Sphere since the turn of the year, but only now, almost six months after the initial unveiling, is the product ready to make its way to retail shelves.

Shaped to look a lot like Google’s Nexus Q and outfitted with hardware not too dissimilar to Intel’s NUC, the Sphere takes low-power PC hardware and packages it in an attractive, orb-shaped case.

This is an obvious departure from the Zbox we’re accustomed to seeing, yet it’s a welcome change in a burgeoning mini-PC market that’s full of familiar-looking boxes. The Sphere – officially dubbed the Zbox Sphere OI520 – will turn heads and is a more attractive addition to a home or office. I’ve regularly been thwarted at my attempts at putting a PC in the living room, yet the Sphere may succeed where others have failed as the only comment from the wife thus far has been “oooh, that’s pretty.”