ZOWIE FK1 Competitive Gaming Mouse Review

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Last week we mentioned the latest game by Bungie called Destiny which finally hit consoles after a somewhat long beta period but we failed to mention that the PC version (if it ever comes to fruition) is not available yet. So i just wanted to clarify this cause some of you were confused and thought that we received a PC copy although we actually got a PS4 copy. I’m not really into consoles (others are however) however so i continue to test all gaming peripherals with the latest PC titles including the Star Citizen Beta, The Crew Beta, Planetside 2 and Dead Rising 3 (although this game is great it does like crashing to desktop very frequently). Currently i spend all my free time testing gaming mice and headsets (since i can do both at the same time thus it saves me a bit of time) and today i finally finished testing the latest gaming mouse by ZOWIE GEAR called the FK1.