Press Release

Jonsbo releases the MOD1, MOD1-Mini and VR1
Elevate High-end PC Setups with Lian Li’s Next Standing Desks
Aerocool Displays All New Silent PC Chassis at Gamescom
Synology Introduces RackStations RS816 and RS3617xs
Heralding an End to ATX Mega Towers: Lian Li’s New SFX PSUs
Lian Li Releases its First Brushed Aluminum Keyboards
Jonsbo announces the UMX4 and RM3 PC Chassis
Scythe Kabuto 3 with improved compatibility and performance
Shuttle’s New All-in-one Touchscreen PC is Silent 24/7
CRYORIG Reveals Two PC Cases at Computex
Lian Li’s Two-faced PC-O9: Two Different Chassis Linked as One
Shuttle’s New 4K-capable Mini PC Offers Amazing Value For Money In UK
Lian Li Launches Fanless PC-Q34 with Flip-open Canopy
World’s First Standing Computer Desk: Lian Li’s New DK-04
Lexar Announces microSD Memory Card – Works with GoPro Verification