Overall Score 4.1  

The entire back-plate is removed to install all components other than the floor fan. The SFX PSU is installed only by pushing it into place, the dimensions of the wood work fitting exactly without any issues. The PSU is held in place primarily by the clamping force of the wood and later by two thumbscrews for added security.

Inkubus 300µ mITX HTPC Personal Cube Chassis Review

The EVGA Z170 Stinger is an excellent motherboard and perfect for HTPC applications due to its high Z170 storage performance and four SATA ports.

There is a good air gap between the motherboard and the PSU allowing the PSU fan to move air freely. The back-plate has a lot of ventilation and although the upper and lower compartments aren’t sealed, the two sections have almost independent airflow’s.

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