Overall Score 4.1  

Complete, the Inkubus 300µ in its natural habitat. It works well in our AV room and on the BLOK Hi-Fi Stand next to the fantastic LG 49″ ULTRA HD 4K 49UB850V TV. We’ll go through our setup at a later date, but it’s safe to say the Inkubus 300µ is in the right place in our AV room.

Inkubus 300µ mITX HTPC Personal Cube Chassis Review

We also like white components, and this fits right in. There are fourteen main Inkubus 300µ colours, you can find them in the Inkubus gallery and build creator page.

Inkubus 300µ mITX HTPC Personal Cube Chassis Review

We could have put in on one of the lower shelves, but we thought it would be better out in the open displayed.


So, this is a bit of an odd one. The Inkubus 300µ is a range of handmade systems at the high end of the market, why would we review the chassis? Well, Inkubus have stated there will be an opportunity for international customers to purchase the chassis alone on a special occasion, probably in early 2017. You may be able to get your hands on one, but you need to keep track of it and due to their handmade nature, we cannot imagine they will be mass produced, so it’s going to be rare and sought after.

The main downsides for most will be component compatibility, though for us that makes it a more focused product. The other will be price, we have no firm prices for 2017, we cannot imagine it will be at the lower end of the market, this though would help with exclusivity. From our point of view this is a great chassis, though only for the non-gaming market, or if you like Minecraft! The Inkubus 300µ makes for a perfect HTPC and is all eye candy in the office or AV room. If you want something that no one else has, or you think you have everything, have a look at the Inkubus 300µ it will probably complete your collection. With special thanks to Inkubus for all their support.


Inkubus 300µ mITX HTPC Personal Cube Chassis

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