Overall Score 3.9  

Close up you can see the pre-applied thermal paste, which we did not use. We standardise the interface to provide a more accurate benchmark in comparison with possible competitors.

There is the usual SATA connector for fan power should you choose, or even if you do not have spare or free headers. Owners of mITX motherboards may only have two, so this is a bit of a godsend.

The Corsair logo lights up and you can change the colour through the Corsair Link software, allowing you to match the colour scheme of your rig easily.

A copper base with exposed screw heads and a square layer of thermal paste at the business end of the CPU cooler and pump.


The tubing is very strong feeling, thick and a little restrictive in bending. We had some trouble fitting it to the MicroCool Banchetto 101 Chassis due to the position of the radiator and the bend required in the tubing. We managed it in the end, but don’t think you can put extreme bends in this tubing, you won’t break it, it just won’t let you.

Test Set Up

We tested the Corsair H110i GT for sound and cooling performance using an i7 LGA2011 set up. We tested two configurations, stock with turbo and over clock with turbo.

Software used for load tests and temperature capture;

We ran the AIDA64 Extreme stability test in 30 minute batches and recorded the results. We used the Core Max result as there was typically a variance across the cores by a couple of degrees. We only selected the cache, FPU and CPU tests, so no other component would generate impacting heat during the tests.

Consumer Experience