Overall Score 4.5  

The shiny part or business end of any cooler, and Cryorig opted for the mirror finish approach to the CPU contact plate. Not the smoothest, but as our tests mostly show, it is not always important.

If you rub thermal paste into the base plate before mounting, this will fill a good number of scratches or imperfections that may cause performance issues.


We are not going to be too down on the be quiet! Dark Rock Pro 3, but one of the main pain areas, if not the only one with this superb cooler, is the installation issues. With the Dark Rock Pro 3 as a baseline, the R1 Ultimate is a dream to fit, in line with the Noctua coolers. Cryorig are calling this their MultiSeg Quick Mount System, and it works really well.

Mounting the R1 Ultimate on our test bed was simple, and we had no interference issues with normal height memory modules. The Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 modules have a raised loop at the top which was cleared by the fan without issue.


It’s not a criticism, but a point to note on the shrouds. Even though the fans are adjustable in height, you may find you lose cooling performance if you raise them up too much, missing the advertised benefit of having them aligned.

Test Set Up

We tested the Cryorig R1 Ultimate CPU Cooler for sound and cooling performance using an i7 LGA2011-v3 set up. We tested two configurations, stock and overclock both with turbo.

Software used for load tests and temperature capture;

We ran the AIDA64 Extreme stability test in 30 minute batches and recorded the results. We used the Core Max result as there was typically a variance across the cores of a couple of degrees. We only selected the cache, FPU and CPU tests, so no other component would generate impacting heat during the tests. We always “run in” out CPU cooler installations, essential to maximizing the performance of the cooler before testing begins.

Consumer Experience